Fire Suppression Service and Inspections • Olympia • Moses Lake


A and R Hoods has been providing fire suppression services and inspection to our clients in Olympia and Moses Lake for over 25 years.

We adhere to the standards for NFPA #96, ventilation control and fire protection of commercial cooking operations.

We make sure that our Olympia and Moses Lake customers are kept safe with any fire incidents.

We inspect all interior surfaces of exhaust systems to ensure its accessibility for cleaning and inspection purposes.

We care for our clients and their customers and it is our commitment to encourage our clients to comply with the NPFA #96 standards at all times.

Fire Suppression Service and Cleaning in Olympia, WA


A and R Hoods offers various types of cleaning and maintenance services to our valued clients in the Olympia community.

One of the many services that we provide is fire suppression service and inspection.

We make sure that your Olympia commercial or industrial kitchens are in compliance with the standards set forth by the NFPA.

A and R Hoods is available for routine fire suppression service any time of the day, any day of the week and all year round.

Call us now to schedule your fire suppression inspection and cleaning for a safer Olympia working environment.

Moses Lake Fire Suppression Inspection and System Maintenance


It is the responsibility of the restaurant or any commercial and industrial kitchen owner to comply with NFPA #96 standards.

This is not a one time occurrence.

To control any damage and loss to equipment, it is highly recommended to clean and maintain your Moses Lake kitchen exhaust system and perform a routine fire suppression service to avoid possible fire.

A and R Hoods is your best ally when it comes to fire suppression service and fire suppression inspections.

Our clients in Moses Lake and the surrounding areas can rely on A and R Hoods for a thorough inspection and efficient system maintenance.


Insurance and Fire Code Compliance with Fire Suppression Service


All Moses Lake commercial or Olympia industrial kitchens are mandated to comply with NFPA #96 Fire Code standards.

A and R Hoods will be there to assist you with your insurance and fire code compliance with a complete fire suppression inspection and fire suppression service.

It is our goal to keep you, your customers, your employees and your business safe and protected.

Contact us now and let us be your guide to ensure your Moses Lake to Olympia kitchen is in compliance.