Oil Containment Tank for Federal Way Restaurants


Oil Containment Tanks are built for your specific system.

We will come out and measure the fan(s) for the oil containment tank and then return to install.

Oil containment tanks are required by fire marshals of  many cities and counties (N.F.P.A. #96 7.8.2).

A and R Hoods provides oil containment tanks with a lifetime warranty.


Grease Tank Installation for Moses Lake Industrial Kitchens


If you have oil and grease all over your roof, it will eventually destroy it.

New roofs cost allot of money.

All that grease and oil also creates a huge fire risk and are hazards to wild life.

We have seen hundreds of birds and squirrels who have got stuck in the grease and died a long slow miserable death.

Once the containment system is installed, we will clean your roof and remove as much grease as possible without causing damage to your roof.


Oil Containment & Grease Tank • Installation • Maintenance • Repairs


With our grease containment tank, oil cannot escape and water can stay in.

We simply empty the grease containment tank when we clean your hood system for you.

The average cost for this type of system to be installed is $350.00 - $450.00 per fan.

This price does not include cleaning fees.

This system is patent pending and for more information, contact us today!