Hood Cleaning • Duct Cleaning


To achieve the best performance from exhaust and suppression service, contractors should ask the following questions:

To Waster Wash Hood Service Contractors:

  • Is the wash cycle operating properly?
  • Did you close the damper and confirm that there is no grease obstructing the seal?
  • Is the damper interfaced with the fire suppression system?


To Fire Suppression Service Contractors:

  • Have them show you the old, changed links from the system
  • Are all the nozzles clear and capped properly?
  • Are your contractors factory trained and certified to do this particular system?
  • Are you using factory authorized parts?
  • Is the suppression system up to UL 300?


To Vent Cleaners:

  • Was the entire system cleaned to bare metal according to NFPA #96 2011 edition?
  • How are you cleaning the fan?
  • Where are the access panels located? Are you removing them?
  • Are they properly gasketed?
  • Do you know the NFPA #9 requirements for proper access panel installation?
  • Do you pin off the fire suppression system?
  • Do you use high pressure hot water?
  • What is done with the waste water?
  • Can I see your IKECA Certification?
  • Can I see proof of insurance?
  • Do you have enough insurance to cover the cost of my business if there is a fire?
  • What is your labor and industry contractor bond #?


To Restaurant Owner and Senior Kitchen Staff:

  • Do you know where the suppression Manual Pull is and how to operate it?
  • On water wash hoods – Does staff know how to operate the damper control?
  • Does the staff check and refill the chemical tank of the water wash hood?
  • Has all staff had fire extinguisher training?


Require all contractors to provide your restaurant with a detailed written report, in addition to a service tag of what services were completed to your system.

Also require before and after pictures are taken and they have a date and time stamp on them.