Hood Cleaning for Commercial and Industrial Kitchens in Gig Harbor


Industrial and commercial restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning services from A and R Hoods will not only help in keeping the kitchen spotless but will also prevent the business from experiencing fire accidents.

The frequency for restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning in Gig Harbor, WA depends upon the usage of the exhaust system, but it is generally recommended to clean the hood once a year.

We are certified cleaners. Therefore, our trained professionals are experts in dealing with restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning. Gig Harbor residents can contact us for:

  • Inspecting the exhaust system
  • Cleaning all the areas that are accessible
  • Replacement of the fan belt


As the hood exhaust system pulls polluted air out from the kitchen in order to remove all contamination, it has become a part of every kitchen. The number one cause of fire in houses and restaurants is known to be grease. Therefore, it is important to clean the exhaust system to prevent grease from accumulating in the hood.


Restaurant Hood Cleaning Services in Gig Harbor to Prevent Grease Buildup


Proper maintenance of the kitchens in restaurants can prevent fire hazards from happening. Health and safety practices are important for a business to run. Therefore, a clean fan, hood and filter in the kitchen are a must in this industry. There should be no excuse for poor maintenance in restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning.

Nobody would like to visit such a restaurant whose kitchen is not clean. If the exhaust system is not maintained properly, different types of odor can be experienced in the restaurant, making it an uncomfortable experience for the customers.

Moreover, a hood that is filthy may attract different types of pests and insects, which makes the workplace unhygienic.

For maintaining proper hygiene at the work place, regular services related to restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning in Gig Harbor should be undertaken.


Kitchen Hood Cleaning & Duct Cleaning for Gig Harbor Commercial Kitchens


Hiring us, A and R Hoods, is always a good idea because our exhaust cleaners are thorough professionals and take care of all the clients’ requirements regarding restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaning.

We also provide follow up programs and ensure that we meet our clients’ requirements. We clean anything, anywhere and at anytime. Therefore, always consider us for all your needs.

We are a one stop solution for all the services related to restaurant hood cleaning / kitchen hood cleaningas we provide full and partial cleaning services. After cleaning, we polish the hood to make it look like new.

Contact us and let us help in protecting you from the risk of kitchen fire. Call us at 253-777-3880.