Fire Extinguisher Service for Commercial Kitchens in Olympia


In a place where high heat and open flames are common, a commercial kitchen must have fully functional fire extinguishers to tackle emergency. It is the responsibility of commercial kitchen owners or managers to make sure that their essential safety equipment is ready to go the instant it is needed.

To guarantee this they need to have an annual fire extinguisher inspection and fire extinguisher maintenance done on every fire extinguisher on their premise. A and R Hoods offers fire extinguisher service in the Olympia, WA area for commercial and industrial kitchens.

Our job as a fire extinguisher service provider is to confirm that the commercial kitchen of our client is code-compliant with its fire extinguishers:

  • Properly capped
  • Stationed at an easily visible and accessible location
  • Fully charged

We send well-trained, experienced fire extinguisher service technicians to Olympia commercial kitchens. Our professionals follow a meticulously detailed fire extinguisher inspection check list. Upon job completion, fire extinguisher inspection tags and are attached to the equipment as documentation of compliance.


Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Olympia Restaurants


At our company, we are committed to providing excellent fire extinguisher maintenance services so that our clients can be assured about working in a safe kitchen. Our comprehensive fire extinguisher inspection in Olympia restaurants includes tasks such as checking the:

  • Couplings and hoses for damage or debris
  • Nozzles to ensure that it is attached correctly
  • Pressure gauges for the right PSI
  • Proper racking of hoses in the cabinet
  • Protective blow-off cap

When our fire extinguisher service team comes in to meet your fire extinguisher inspection requirements, you can run your restaurant with the peace of mind that any kitchen fire breakout will be brought under control in no time.


Why Choose Us for Fire Extinguisher Maintenance in Olympia?


It is necessary to strictly follow a correct fire extinguisher maintenance schedule in commercial and industrial kitchens. Having well-maintained and reliable fire extinguishers in place also goes a long way in reducing the risk of fire damage, keeping people safe and protecting a business’s reputation.

Besides knowing how often your fire extinguishers should be checked, you should be particular about hiring the right fire extinguisher service experts. Look no further than us for fire extinguisher maintenance services in Olympia.

Choosing us means having your fire extinguisher maintenance requirements met with services marked by utmost:

  • Sincerity and diligence
  • Accuracy
  • Professionalism

Let A and R Hoods take care of your fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance needs in Olympia. Call 253-777-3880.